By Lizz Bennett

What an incredible and powerful event we were all lucky enough to be apart of! i am still getting donations and registrations so it will be a few more days before I have the total numbers of participants. I will let you know as soon as I can! 

To all the brave and giving people that supported The Burpee Mile, what a crazy thing to do. The amount of time, alone, in burpee-ing a mile is the same amount of time it takes some people to complete a 10k or 1/2 marathon. Some people can bike a good 30-40 miles or trail run up to Elephant Rock and back. In that same amount of time, on a motivated Saturday, I can edge, mow, and fertiluze my lawn...probably weed my flower beds. 

Without hardly any notice AND paying for it, you decided to put yourselves through a mile of the most hated movement we ever throw at you.The soreness, grass stains, hives, scraped knees and ripped up palms could have easily been avoided by just writing a check, true. And that's what NMV needs most, is the money to help those children find safety, guidance, support, and strength to heal from the layers of damaging abuse they suffered. Abuse from people who inflicted this abuse willingly and repeatedly to these helpless children. NMV uses this money to pay the therapists, for the programs, and for safe places for these victimized children. And donations, even small amounts, go a long way.

Money is only part of the need. NMV needs brave people to lend a voice to the ones who can't speak about it. Whether it is because the victims think its their fault, whether they're embarrassed, maybe it's because it might get someone they really care about in trouble. This is a topic that we don't talk about because it makes other people uncomfortable, it isn't a topic that anyone wants to think about or address. 

But one victim lead to another. It is a silence that is loudly banging against the shut doors around us.  Based on all the statistics in Utah alone, we ALL either know someone that has been sexually abused as a child, by someone they knew, or we have been victims ourselves.

To everyone that supported The Burpee Mile, in ANY WAY, you opened your mouth and lent a voice to the speechless, spoke the taboo, stood up for the beat down, sacrificed your time, sweat, skin. Thank you.

A Mile of Burpees is a crazy thing to do. So very many of you did it! Alone or with your families. In OK, FL, WY, CO, MI, Canada, TX, with perfect strangers.

With victims. As victims.

On behalf of No More Victims, the many generous and suportive Sponsors, the families of victims, the victimized children, as a victim myself, thank you for speaking up and doing something hard. Because there are things so much worse and much more painful than a mile of burpees. One day I hope and pray the cycle will end and these children will be victims no more.

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