Saturday October 20, 2012

10:00 am @ Murray City Park 5130 South State Street

$5 registration per person

T-shirts $20

All proceeds will go to No More Victims. A local organization that helps children who have been sexually abused.

This is a group event, a group effort. We start together, we end together, we do BURPEES for 1 entire mile. Why? Because it's tough, because a mile is a long way, and because 1/2 a mile has already been done. Despite what gym we go to, what health and fitness method we choose to be passionate about, WE ALL DO BURPEES.

And we all agree that our fitness should be used to help others. We find strength in our community and power in positive change. We thrive in challenge and exult in the triumph of our achievement and the knowledge gained through temporary failure. We lift weights so that we can enjoy life and seek out ways to experience it.

This will hurt. You will get dirty. You might want to quit. There will be someone on the right of you that will feel the same way. And the person to your left will be looking at you to see what you will do next. So you slam another one down, someone has to.

Be unafraid. We can all do this together. The Burpee Mile.


All ages, all abilities welcome! Friends, Families, Neighbors! We are honored to host gyms from all over the valley at this event. Don't miss out. For more information,  if you would like to get your logo on the t-shirt, donate to No More Victims, or if you would like more information on how to sponsor this event, please contact Lizz HERE.