GPP Fitness: Over The Top

October 7-8, 2011

What to bring for the hike:

Backpack for the hike up the mountain on Friday and the hike down on Saturday.


-Bug spray


-Gatorade or electrolyte replacement drink

-Snacks (granola, jerky, trail mix, fruit leather, fruit, energy supplements, dry cereal, sandwiches)



-Layers of clothes because the temperature will change throughout the day and night.


-Change of socks

-Small first aid kit

-Gum/hard candy



What to bring in overnight bag (this will be transported to the campsite):

-Sleeping bag


-Change of clothes/shoes

-Cold weather clothes for the night time


-Card games




What will be provided:

-Dinner Friday night

-Water at the top and bottom of the mountain

-Breakfast Saturday morning

-Evening program Friday night