Lizz Bennett


  1. Simplify! Only take what you will need into the transition area.
  2. Multi-task:
    1. Start pulling your wetsuit down to your hips as you are running from the swim exit to the transition area.
    2. As you exit the water take your cap and goggles off and leave them in the sleeve of your wetsuit as you pull it off.
    3. Step on your wetsuit to pull it off the opposite leg while you are simultaneously putting on your helmet.
    4. Attach your bike shoes to the pedals and learn to mount the bike with bare feet and then put your feet into your shoes as you are riding.  Same with dismounts, in reverse. Hold bike shoes in place with rubber bands to keep your shoes from dragging on the ground while you are pushing yoru bike out of transition.
    5. Attach sunglasses to bike so that you can put them on while you are moving.
    6. Learn to eat and ride at the same time.  Use electrical tape to attach gels etc. to your frame.
    7. Grab your visor/race belt/gels after you’re in your running shoes and put them on as you are running out of transition.
  3. Practice transitions frequently so they become automatic. 
  4. Lay everything out on your transition towel in the order that you will need it.
  5. Rack your bike under the nose of the saddle rather than by the handlebars.  Re-rack by the handle bars (if they fit).
  6. Ladies: make sure your hair-do and helmet are compatible!!!
  7. Familiarize yourself with the transition layout before the race starts.  Check mount and dismount lines, bike out/in, run out.
  8. Remember where you rack your bike; find visual cues (or create them; i.e. bright towel, chalk arrows) to help you locate your bike.  Some people use helium balloons.
  9. Run PAST the mount line to mount your bike if there is congestion.
  10. Apply body glide wherever you might chafe, as well, as to your wrists and ankles to help your wetsuit come off easily.
  11. Bring a headlamp if you will be setting up your transition before sunrise.
  12. Don’t forget to inflate your tires!
  13. For longer races place fuel (food and drink) in transition area as USAT rules state that you cannot have any outside help during races. Plan accordingly so you have what you need.
  14. If you choose to wear socks for the ride or run, have them rolled up so that you can easily place your wet foot in and roll the sock up to where it needs to be.
  15. For faster transitions get lock laces or laces on your shoes that don't have to be tied. Funny how fine motor movement dissapears under pressure.
  16. Make sure you place your helmet, in transition, so that when you grab it and place it on your head it isn't backwards.
  17. Perfect practice makes perfect. Get it right. And do it over and over again so that you won't even have to think about it.