The Bountiful Tri is in a week and 1/2! Tomorrow we get race specific. The sprint distance swim has been changed to 350yd!!!  We have all been preparing for a 500 yrd swim. Plan on an hour, here is the workout:
Immediately jump in and swim 350yrds at race pace. Time yourself. Rest 20 seconds and repeat the following 2 X:
4 X 100 Each one faster than the one before, with 10 seconds rest at the wall, the last 100 as fast as possible.
4 X 50 kick, same as above
2 X 200 with 15 seconds recovery between each set. Alternate speeds by 50yrds. Odds fast, evens slow
After doing this 2 x though, time your 350 again! Then cool down:
200 easy, your choice
Total yards: 2500

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