By, Lizz Bennett

  1. You lost your story.
  2. You push your grocery cart with an alternated grip.
  3. You can do 1 minute of ANYTHING.
  4. You Stick-it-to-the-man annually, because a regular 5k is just not enough.
  5. You can do a month’s worth of workouts….on a playground.
  6. You know it’s Burp-o-rama when Judy brings in raisin-filled cookies.
  7. You’ve developed a personal relationship to Meginator, Lemon, Jones’n, Dalton, and Fitzoner.
  8. You describe your soreness on a post-Thrust-o-rama pain scale.
  9. You ask your kids to clean their rooms, AFAP…..and they do it.
  10. You can put your own D*** Christmas tree on top of the minivan, thank you very much.
  11. You know the workout, the night before, and you still show up.
  12. You AFAP your AMRAP, AHAP.
  13. You hit all 6 workouts during Hell Week.
  14. You aspire to be a Fitzoner.
  15. Your 18 month old can do a burpee.
  16. Your warm up is most people’s entire workout.
  17. You get in, get it done, get out, and LIVE it!
  18. You believe in doing the hard stuff, you don’t believe in short cuts.
  19. You can’t sleep until you know what the workout is the next day.
  20. You can’t sleep because you know what the workout is the next day.
  21. You randomly yell, “Yay Burpees!” throughout the day.
  22. You clean your house, or wash your car, or mow your lawn….for time.
  23. Date night involves a discussion of the breakdown of the daily workout.
  24. You log in several times a day to read the comments.
  25. You know it’s not just about how good you look.