Mission Statement

Living Optimal Health and Fitness Through Multisport

Through the highest standard of dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced coaching we provide triathlon camps, clinics, seminars, group training sessions, and personal coaching to help you achieve your goals, enrich your life, strive for excellence, and work towards optimal health and fitness. We believe in hard work, dedication, integrity, commitment, challenge, and balance in training for and competing in endurance sports as we follow the GPP philosophy of fitness.  We believe in multi-dimensional athleticism, we believe in community, we believe in family, we believe in conquering our fears and doing it with power.


Philosophy:  GPP Endurance is secondary to GPP Fit and does not replace or supersede the benefits and training provided by following GPP Fit. One must first build their GPP before pursuing GPP Endurance.  GPP Endurance provides professional, certified coaching to guide athletes to their individual goals in multisport and endurance racing, built on the philosophy of GPP Fit, creating healthy and multidimensional athletes.

The fitness gained through GPP is vital and paramount to living a healthy life. GPP comes before endurance and must be followed for several months before adding any endurance training to one’s day. Any member of GPP Fit, that has been consistently attending and doing their best in following the daily programmed workouts, will have gained the fitness to complete many varied forms of endurance events, on GPP Fit alone. These include running a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, marathon, sprint triathlon,  ½ century bike ride, mountain biking and trail running. The fitness gained through GPP Fit translates into all basic activities of daily living AND extra athletic hobbies and pursuits. Anyone wanting to enjoy and improve their health and fitness, their active lifestyle, try new sports, and prevent injury will do so by following GPP Fit a minimum of 5 days a week.

Once a solid fitness base is achieved, through GPP Fit, then GPP Endurance provides the following:

  1. Guidance in building and maintaining a minimum base of endurance for running, biking, and swimming hobbyists.
  2. Tips on training, workouts, programming structure, gear, races, and performance.
  3. Camps, Clinics, Forums, Seminars, Classes, and Group Training on all things endurance.
  4. Video’s, articles, resources for endurance athletes.
  5. Team and Club opportunities with discounts on all of the above as well as coaching/training packages.



When/if you want more personal coaching and training to help you achieve your endurance goals you can contact Lizz for coaching and training or click HERE.

If you hope to compete or achieve specific goals in multisport racing, you need to get professional coaching. These individuals require unique and detailed training in which we test your fitness, asses your goals, design weekly training plans based off your goals, and balance the other important aspects of your health  that constantly need monitored programming to progress you towards your goals safely, efficiently, and effectively.


GPP Endurance FAQ’s (more coming soon)

When should I start adding GPP Endurance workouts into my training?

                  After following GPP Fit workouts, 5 x a week, for 6-8 weeks you can start gradually adding Endurance workouts to your weekly training. You will have gained a substantial increase in your fitness, including cardiovascularly, but need to start by adding 2 workouts ONLY.  Dependent upon your goals and your schedule, this can increase by 1 or 2 workouts per week until you are at a volume of training that is the B.A.M. (Bare All Minimum) to support a recreational endurance participant.

I have been a runner/cyclist/triathlete for years. Why do I feel like I am getting slower and feeling heavier when I run/cycle/swim after starting GPP?

                  You feel that way because you have taken your body and completely altered what you are used to. You are in the rigorous process of changing your body composition, the way your body metabolizes energy, the way you recover, the way you process hormones. It takes time to adapt and get to the next phase of training. That is why it is best to focus effort on GPP alone, for several months, before adding any extra running etc. into your training.

How often should I continue to do GPP once I start to add endurance specific training into my week?

                  This depends upon what stage of training you are in. The volume of GPP changes based on what time of year you are in. Are you in your “off-season”? If so, then you NEED to be doing GPP 5 days a week at full capacity. Are you pre-season training? Then you NEED to be doing GPP 5 days a week at full capacity. Are you in race season? Then you need to be doing GPP 5 days a week at 70% of the RX’d volume.  This means that you work at full intensity, but do just 70% of the workouts as you start your race specific GPP Endurance training. This allows for sufficient recovery, improvements in race specific training, while still increasing your fitness through GPP.


How do I taper my GPP before a race?

                  This is totally dependent on how you have been training. A person training properly with GPP and then adding GPP Endurance appropriately, as outlined above, should start your taper 2 weeks before race day.  2 weeks before race day decrease the volume of your GPP workouts to 50%, only doing half the RX’d workout. The week leading up to your race should continue to include 2 days of GPP at 50% intensity. This means that you should only do ½ the workout at ½ the effort. This keeps you lose, active, and focused during this week.  The 2 days before your race should not include GPP workouts.

How soon after a race should I begin GPP again?

                  The sooner you get back to GPP the better your recovery will be. Depending upon the effort and difficulty or your race, you should start back at 50% effort for the first week back at GPP.  By the second week back you should be back up to full RX’d workouts. Yea, you will be tired and they might feel harder, but only temporarily as you fully recover.

How do I taper GPP Endurance workouts before a race?

                  You will have a better race if you meet with a coach to discuss your personal race taper. But as a rule, the 2 weeks leading up to your race should be a lighter volume of endurance training with specific short speed work done in the beginning of the last week, before your race, to maximize proper muscle tension in preparation for your race. Your taper changes based on the race you are participating in, whether it is in cycling, running, mountain biking, or triathlon. 2 days before the race should be spent resting with light activity and plenty of fluids. The day before the race should include an easy effort, short workout to keep you light and to help reduce nervous tension.

If I am training for my first triathlon, how many times per week should I be doing GPP Endurance?

                  If you are training for your very first triathlon, you need the guidance of a coach and/or the support of the GPP Endurance Club. This is where you will have a social group to train with and to talk to so that you can feel confident in participating in your first triathlon. You will benefit greatly by participating in any of the numerous camps, clinics, seminars, and group training workouts offered by GPP Endurance.  The B.A.M. of training for a sprint triathlon is 2 workouts, per sport, per week. This is only after several weeks of building triathlon specific endurance.

I want to run a race and have been doing GPP for several months. How do I start my run training?

                  The best way to start your run specific training is to run 1 mile every day for 2 weeks.  Then run 2 miles every day for 2 weeks.  After this you can begin doing GPP Endurance run workouts 3 times per week.

I have never learned how to swim. How can I learn?

                  You need to begin by taking swimming lessons from a certified, experienced instructor. Contact Lizz Bennett for more information. Swim lessons are $30 per half hour.

How much does it cost for a 1 hour coaching consultation?

                  To meet with a coach, for an hour, to discuss goals and training, outline a basic training direction or to touch base to update a training plan is $60.

How can I contact a coach?

Lizz Bennett or Wes Johnson at gppendurance@gmail.com




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