Saturday, December 10, begins our Indoor cycling class. We will meet the 10, 17, and 24th of December and most every Saturday through out the winter. We start promptly at 10 am and will go for two hours. Anyone is welcome and you can stay for all or just part of the class. Class is $8 and you need to bring your own bike trainer and bike.

Computrainers are available to rent and they are first come, first serve. The class fee for Computrainers is $20. The Computrainers are a valuable, indoor bike trainer, where you can measure your wattage; specific for the individual. You can measure your specific effort as well cadence. If you would like more information on the Computrainers and/or would like to reserve one for Saturday, please contact me at

Wes and I program workouts that progress every week and and are adaptable for beginners to advanced cyclists. We have a blast and it's a great way to keep up your cycling over the winter. Be prepared to challenge yourself and to have a great time!