Less than two weeks until IMAZ. My mind is going nuts. Over the last several days I have been a spaz, racing around trying to eat this whole elephant all at once. It's been tough to get my mind straight, get my heart rate to slow down and remember what Ironman is to me and why I am doing it. I thought I would list, in order of importance, who I am in the hopes that this would put the last 9 months in perspective.

Daughter of God





I haven't been perfect, but I have done my best at staying true and balanced in these virtues. Ironman isn't a timed race for me. It's about doing what I love WITH my family, WITHOUT the neglect of what's most important. I think of who I am and what I am trying to accomplish and if I start to freak out I just remember that I am doing my best and that because of that I will finish Ironman.