Warm up

- 200 free, 100 kick
Drill set-6x50 with 25 drill and 25 swim as follows:
-side kick right

-side kick left

-rt arm only stroke


-left arm only stroke

-repeat the single arm stroke drills above for last 2 sets of 50.

Main set-
2x200 on 4:00
2x150 on 3:00
2x100 on 1:50
4x50 on :50
1x500 on 8:30

Cool Down

100 freestyle

rest 20-30 seconds between each set.
but each interval should be done on the time listed, for example:
2x200 on 4:00. Do the first 200 under 4:00 and whatever is left over
is ur recovery, leave for the 2nd 200 at the 4:00 mark. Then rest
20-30 seconds before starting ur 150 set.