Wet Suit Tips


  1. Get a plastic bag and place your foot in the bag, then slide foot into wetsuit and get the bottom of the wetsuit to just below the calf.  You can use a sock as well.
  2. Repeat with other foot.  Both feet should be in and through the suit, suit pulled up to right below the calf.
  3. Taking the suit, carefully, one crease at a time, pull legs of suit up to crotch.  One leg at a time.  Making sure that both legs are completely taught and that it is firm tight between the legs.  If not, start at the bottom of one leg and gently pull suit up.
  4. Once suit is firm around your hips, pull tight again and then put one arm through.  Pull suit so sleeves are a few inches past wrist. 
  5. Pull carefully until suit is up over your shoulder. Repeat with other arm.  Make sure that suit is pulled tight over shoulders.
  6. Zip up. 
    1. Is suit all the way up to your crotch?
    2. Is there any inhibition with range of motion in arms?
    3. Do you feel too restricted in chest or neck?
    4. Can you grab the suit easily at stomach?

These are signs that the suit needs to be adjusted. 


Wetsuit Maintenance

  1. Keep suit stored inside out on a hanger, away from kids or pets!
  2. Rinse suit with water and hang dry (inside out) immediately after use.
  3. Don’t use any petroleum based sprays, oils, lubricants on suit.  It will harm the neoprene.
  4. You can use a silicone based lubricant (i.e. Trislide) on the suit to help in removal.
  5. You can use Body Glide against skin to prevent chafing and help in wetsuit removal.
  6. If suit tears, you can purchase wetsuit specific glue to patch it.
  7. Don’t leave suit in a hot car.
  8. Make sure that you take your time in putting the suit on so as to prevent any tears.

Taking off a Wetsuit

  1. Wetsuit removal can start at anytime upon exiting the water.  In a shallow water exit you can legally start removal in the water. 
  2. Unzip and pull one arm all the way out, repeat with other arm. (You can leave goggles and cap inside sleeve to take time off transition and not loose your gear).
  3. Pull down to waist.
  4. At transition point, pull down to knees and using one foot step on the opposite leg and pull leg out, repeat with other side.  (You can be putting on helmet at this time).
  5. Don’t double suit over when removing- it makes removal really hard, as well as getting suit straight to rinse and hang.
  6. Can use Trislide or other form of lubricant to make removal easier.  Suits can rub and stick together it making it really hard to remove.  Don’t use a petroleum based lubricant. Silicone base is best.