We have around 30+ GPP'ers registered for the Moab Canyonlands 1/2 marathon on March 19, 2011. Starting Christmas day, that gives us 12 weeks until the race. The most important part of preparing for any race is having a plan.

 Although I believe that individual coaching is best, I know that that isn't always an option.  I have written a detailed 12 week training plan, for beginners, to get you ready for the Moab half.  This week start by running a mile everyday, in addition to your GPP workouts, and then get busy following the plan right after Christmas!

If you would like to purchase the training plan, please email me at lizz.bennett@gmail.com. Each plan is $20.

I also have intermediate and advanced plans available.  



Mike at the St. George Marathon 2010! After following a GPP Endurance Training plan,  He worked hard and PR'd!!!  Awesome Mike!