At GPP we believe it's important to have a baseline.  Your weight, your measurements, and a solid benchmark workout like "FitZoner".  Because in order to know where your going you need to see where you have been.  It is the best way to measure progress.  For the endurance workouts this week, let's test our benchmarks and see where we are at.

For each discipline, after a good warm up, complete the following (on different days):


5K Time Trial

Complete at race pace. Log time, course, and how you felt.


1 mile Time Trial (66 laps for a 25 yd pool or 60 laps for 25 meter pool)

Complete at race pace.  Log time and how you felt.


25 mile Time Trial

If you aren't lucky enough to get outside for this then complete this on a compu-trainer or measure your power output in an hour on a stationary bike. If you don't have a power meter on your bike, then perform the following after a good 10 minute warm up:

Stay seated and at the highest resistance possible keep pedal cadence (count your pedal strokes, which means everytime your right foot comes down on the pedal) to 90 or above.  Maintain that cadence without lowering your resistance for as long as you can.  Record the time that you stop and log the time. This is your Time Trial.

All of these TT's need to be recorded and able to be repeated in 6 weeks.