It's Time!

We Don't do many of these challenges anymore. We've decided that instead of doing more challenges, we'll make the ones we do have more impact!

In anticipation of RX+ week this year, we are doing a run-up to our two-a-days challenge with 21 days of better eating, more accountability and some extra credit stuff in (and out) of the gym! 

Give us just 21 days and we'll melt up to 10 pounds (or more) of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to a tight, toned body and terrific heath and fitness Guaranteed!



  • Gonna ROCK that swimsuit this year!
  • Daily "extra credit" workouts to enhance workouts and help prepare you for RX+ week.
  • Weekly accountability  – Results come fast with this level of accountability, combined with our proven 21-day program, the results come quickly.
  • Discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting).
  • Cut exercise time in half – you’ll be shocked by how effective the right kind of exercise really is! Less than 40 minutes a day.
  • Dramatically decrease stress – stress kills your enthusiasm and your energy, and harms your immune system.
  • More energy. Studies have shown, folks report literally 300% to 400% increase in energy. Imagine how that makes you feel and perform!
  • Fire up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day.
  • More confidence – nothing makes you feel better about YOU than being fit, toned, and looking terrific!
  • Weekly drawings for prizes and discounts.


Hurry, limited spots available. We start on Monday, June 2nd. Don't wait until it is to late, sign up now!



  • GPP Members $25.00 
  • Non Members: $119.00 (includes 3 weeks GPP Gym Membership)