Welcome to GPP!  

The stuff we do here works.  It is amazing.  If you have come here to change your health, your body and your life, congratulations.  You chose well.  Know this:  If you apply our unique principles and methods you will see improvement in every aspect of your life.    

We value only what is healthy about the experience of daily activity and exercise. 

Below is an explanation of many of our key points and philosophies.  To learn the details, please join us for one of our weekend Intensive Training Seminars.


GPP is about being healthy.  Period.  

We believe the only worthy reason to exercise and eat right is so that we can lead richer, fuller lives.  Lives not limited by capacity and/or self-induced disease.  

At GPP we realize that health isn't about who the fittest person in the world is.  It isn't about who can lift the most weight, run the fastest, or obtain the highest work capacity imaginable.  These things have no meaning.  They serve no purpose. 

Instead, get your workout in and go home.  Go be a human.  Do things that interest/edify you.  Let your exercise enable you to contribute to your family, your community and/or society in more positive ways.  

At GPP we do NOT serve our workouts (read, "the Demotion of Exercise).  We realize it is our workout's job to serve us.  We would much rather put energy into activities which are less based on self and more focused on what is truly important. 

Our Goal

To help you achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.  Optimal Health encompasses all objectives of healthy living.  These may range from: having more energy, to losing weight, to becoming fit, to participating in sport, to conquering disease.  Our definition of Health is truly groundbreaking in this industry.  Every ounce of our programming intended for its achievement.  

Optimal Health is only acquired by gaining perfect balance of the six aspects of health.  These are:

Mental Health
Emotional Health
Social Health
Spiritual Health
Financial Health 
Physical Health

To be healthy, truly healthy, you must strive for balance within these.  Too much, or too little of any one, or of several combinations of these aspects will leave you miserable and wanting.  In other words, chasing perfection in fitness (or any of the other aspects of health) generally takes from other aspects.  This leaves you unhealthy over-all.  Some of the least healthy people we know have perfect six-packs and incredible work capacity.  Yet, their work lives, home lives, and spiritual lives suffer greatly.  By the same regards.  One who does not have adequate fitness cannot be healthy either.  Remember - BALANCE.  

Here  at GPP, our entire program is created with intention to transfer health within the physical realm to other aspects of health.  Physical health is magic that  way.  Mastering your Physical Health opens the conduit to balancing the other 5 aspects of health.  The skills you develop while creating health in the Physical transfers to all other aspects.  You know this instinctively.  It is why you seek out mastery of the Physical.

Our Mandate

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We are minimalists.  We refuse to do one more rep of one single exercise than is absolutely necessary to accomplish our goal of optimal health.  This being said, we realize nothing worth having comes easily.  Therefore we are committed to doing whatever is needed, however it is necessary, whenever it is required to accomplish our definition of Optimal Health. 

Our Approach to Fitness

This aspect of what we do also separates us from other health and fitness methods and programs.  Our programming, facilities and community are based on our landmark definition of "Optimal Health."  It is our purpose to generally prepare one physically to meet all the demands of daily life.  Our training protocol is broad, general and inclusive of ALL exercise techniques, standards and protocols.  Here you will participate in bodybuilding, weight lifting, power lifting, Yoga, calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, athletic training, sprint training and every other type of exercise, or programming method which fits into our goal of achieving Optimal Health.  We are constrained only by efficiency and effectiveness. 

We recommend 5 days of balanced GPP programming per week.  Our programming runs concurrently on a M-F basis.  Those who skip too many days may be skipping valuable components of physical health.  Over time (if they do this regularly) they may become imbalanced, weak and/or injured.   

Our Nutrition Recommendation

“Optimal Health” carries with it the expectation of proper nutrition.  It is unreasonable to assume you can be healthy and/or fit without providing proper fuel for the body.   Nutrition plays a critical role in your health.  

We have learned that there is no ONE nutritional program that will serve us all equally.  Instead, we've adopted the concept of eating a diet designed for your specific genetic make-up.  We call this "Intuitional Eating." 

We do not follow ANY specific nutritional model (i.e. USRDA, Medifast, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Volumetrics, Atkins, Mediterranean, etc.), yet, we promote them all.  We have known many who've thrived on all of these, and more.  We are not limited by a singular understanding of nutrition and its effects on individuals.  Think about it.  If aspirin (a chemical we eat) can help to heal one person, yet kill another, why wouldn't foods (chemicals we eat) have the same potent differences?    

Instead of looking for reasons a diet wouldn't work for you, we look for reasons it might work.  We show you ways of trying one on for a few weeks (longer, or shorter maybe).  Of making observations, measurements and tweaks before deciding whether, or not it is working.  For more info, healthy diets & meal plans click HERE