Happy Labor Day

GPP HQ is closed today in observance of Labor Day.

We hope you'll enjoy a safe and active holiday with those you love.

If you feel like grabbing a workout, cool. HERE are a few to choose from that need very little equipment. Monday's are cool. You can start just about anywhere. Unless we are finishing up some stuff from last week. That almost never happens though. But sometimes it does ...

Also Teresa Auva'a has thrown together a 9am Zumba class. If you feel like shakin it a bit (SWEATNADO!), come on down and join her!

If you can, get outside and get active. Soak up some Vitamin D. We are woefully low on it these days. I've spoken to doctors who do regular blood tests on men (for various resons). These doctors are shocked at the low levels of Vit D they see. They are measuring, for the most part, very active men. Men who do quite a bit of outside activity & sports. Some of these active men show NO Vit D in the bloodstream! I have a friend who trains 2-6 hrs per week outside on his bike. His recent blood test showed NO measurable Vit D in his bloodstream!

Being low on Vitamin D is a bad thing. Bad for your bones for sure. While the evidence is not conclusive yet, Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, diabetes and other maladies. Maladies like colds and flu. 

You might consider going light on the sunscreen for part of the day you spend outside. Scientists are aware that sunscreen inhibits Vitamin D production. No bueno considering the maladies above, right? 

Just 15 - 30 mins of direct exposure should do, depending upon your skin type and previous exposure to the sun. As with our workouts - don't overdo it. Don't underdo either.

End of lecture.

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Already some leaves changing on the top of the hills (BC, NA, DW)

Hoppy Sumo

20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11 reps per round for time:

High Sumo 65/45
Box Jumps

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The results we see at GPP Fitness are astounding. We put the kind of health, fitness and appearance on folks that other systems/programs only dream of.

In the 4+ years we've been doing this, we've seen people #V (pound down), shape up, gain strength, gain endurance, incr flexibility, heal their bodies, heal from disease, gain energy, decrease stress, improve nutrition, improve self-worth, gain confidence and improve every aspect of health and fitness. Even better, we've seen the incredible folks who've labored furiously to improve their health pass it forward to bless the lives of those they care about. 

Training with us will change your life. And if you will simply drag your backside through our remarkable programming daily while assimilating yourself into the warmth of this unique community, our facilities (or your own) will honor you with unequivocal wellness. 

GPP was not created as a means to extract money from folks. It is the expression of an ideal. As with your evolution, our evolution is inherent to progression.

Our cause is to bring our exceptional programming and ideals to as many as can benefit from them. We exist to help you. If we do this right, we can help others also. As others come into the fold our products and services will improve and this will go round and round. We will all continue to evolve.

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